Tips For Renting A Restaurant Banquet Room For Special Events

If you're looking for a spacious and convenient place to hold any type of special event, consider a restaurant banquet. If you're holding the celebration during a busy time of the year, however, such as the summer wedding or winter holiday seasons, book the venue as far in advance as possible. 

Banquet rooms make easy venues when you're overwhelmed with event planning or are short on time since you'll be able to cross two items — the party space and the menu — off of your list at once. While you may need to bring in some specialty food items, such as a wedding or birthday cake, the majority of the food service will be handled onsite. 

Restaurant banquet rooms make the ideal venue for a wide range of special occasions or events, including birthday parties, family and corporate holiday get-togethers, anniversary and graduation celebrations, reunions, bridal and baby showers, and wedding receptions. Banquet rooms are available in a wide range of sizes, so make sure you book an appropriate-sized one for your group.

Following are additional tips for renting a restaurant banquet room for your next special event:

1. Pick a Cuisine

With so many banquet rooms from which to choose, start narrowing down your options by first choosing the type of cuisine, such as Mexican or Italian, you'd like to serve your guests. Pick your favorite local restaurant and find out if they offer event space, and if so, if it can accommodate your guest list. In some cases, you may be able to reserve the entire eatery for larger parties. 

2. Decide on a Menu

After securing the event space, work with the restaurant's chef to design the best menu for your party. For instance, you can opt to go with all appetizers and small plates, or full three-course meals, depending on your budget.

The restaurant may also offer a specially designed pre-fixed menu, which may be more cost-effective than allowing the guests to order directly from the regular menu. Take any of the attendees' food allergies and dietary restrictions into consideration when creating the menu, and accommodate them as needed.

3. Figure Out Logistics and Decorations 

Make sure that the banquet room offers enough tables and seating elements, and if not, plan to bring in more yourself if it's allowed. You can also give the space a personalized touch with decorative tablecloths and seat cushions that match the event theme, such as silver and white for a winter wonderland-inspired soiree. 

Other possible decor items include floral table centerpieces, placements, cloth napkins, balloons, and paper wall banners.