Serving Pizza More Efficiently At A Sit-Down Restaurant

People often think of pizza as a food you "order out" or enjoy at a takeout restaurant. However, you can serve pizza at a sit-down restaurant, too. If you do decide to serve pizza at a sit-down restaurant, you will want to make sure the process of preparing, serving, and taking orders for the pizza is fairly streamlined. This not only ensures a good customer experience but also helps ensure your kitchen staff is able to turn out enough pizzas on days you're busy.

Here are some top efficiency tips that should help you serve pizza at a sit-down restaurant.

Create order sheets with topping selections

One of the last things you want is for your kitchen to make a pizza incorrectly because your server wrote down an order wrong, or because someone could not read the server's handwriting. There's a lot of detail to pizza orders, from the size to the topping selections. So, create some order slips that have your toppings listed out with check boxes next to each one. These order slips should also have check boxes for the size of the pizza and any other options you offer on the menu. This way, your servers can take the orders on the order slips instead of having to write them down. This will minimize the number of errors made, leading to fewer incorrect pizzas, less waste, and happier customers.

Buy dedicated pizza stands

Setting large pizzas down on small tables is hard for servers. The customers are also left without much room to work with and serve the pizza. So, buy some dedicated pizza stands, and set them up on the tables. These stands will have a small base, but they'll hold a whole pie. Have the servers come set the stand out as soon as the party orders a pizza. Then, when the pizza is ready, they can deliver it to the table and know exactly where to set it.

Train more of your kitchen staff

Instead of training just one or two cooks on how to make the pizza, train your whole kitchen. This way, you can serve pizza no matter who is scheduled to work that day, and you won't have to create your kitchen schedule based on who knows how to make the pizzas. Plus, training everyone tends to lead to more consistent quality.

With these tips above, you will have an easier time serving pizza in your sit-down restaurant. To learn more about pizza, check out other restaurants to learn more.