Offbeat Ways To Customize Your Pizza

When you hear the phrase "customize your pizza," you probably imagine choosing a different assortment of toppings for your pizza. This is the most common way to customize a pizza order, after all. But it is not the only option for customization! Here are some other, more offbeat ways to make every pizza unique.

Ask for alternative sauces.

Tomato sauce has long been the go-to for pizza, but it is certainly not the only option. Many pizza restaurants do offer a "white pizza" sauce option. Usually, this sauce is just garlic butter, but sometimes it is Alfredo sauce. You may also want to ask the pizza restaurant to use ranch dressing, blue cheese dressing, or even Italian dressing as the sauce on your pizza. Most pizza restaurants have these ingredients on hand, and while they may not list them specifically as sauce options on their pizza menu, they'll generally use them upon request. A pizza with Italian dressing, chicken, and mozzarella cheese would be delicious and creative, for example.

Ask for the pizza to be baked more.

Most pizza restaurants bake their pizzas until they are lightly crispy on the bottom and bubbly on top. This is a good medium done-ness, and most people like it. However, you can always customize your pizza by asking for it to be baked a little longer. This will make the pizza more crunchy, and it may also change the flavor of the cheese and some other toppings. For instance, the cheese will become crispier and more nuanced in flavor when it is baked a little longer. If you have a topping like bacon on the pizza, it will also change in character when baked extra.

Pair different toppings together.

Sometimes, you can customize a pizza not necessarily by choosing unique toppings, but by pairing those toppings together in unique ways. For example, you could ask for bacon, tomatoes, and pineapple on a pizza. Or, you could ask for pepperoni, anchovies, and olives. You may come up with some combinations you don't love that much, but you may also discover some surprising, new combinations by experimenting in this way.

Customizing your pizza does not just have to mean choosing a topping you haven't had before. It can mean creating a new combination of toppings, asking for a unique sauce, or even just asking for the pizza to be baked a bit longer. Give these ideas a try. For more information on customized pizza, contact a company near you.