5 Menu Items From Chinese Restaurants That Have Low Calorie Counterparts

Chinese food is a delicious alternative to traditional fast food. Still, like other restaurants, your local Chinese restaurant probably has some high-calorie items on the menu. However, there are also plenty of low-calorie options that allow you to enjoy your meal and still adhere to your diet plan. 

If you're trying to lose weight, don't give up Chinese food. Just substitute higher calorie dishes with delicious low-calorie alternatives. Here are a few examples of Chinese restaurant menu items that have low-calorie counterparts:

Fried Rice

Who doesn't enjoy fried rice with bits of seasoned vegetables throughout? However, it's probably not the rice alone that causes you to exceed your intended calories; it's the oil. Fat, such as sesame oil, has about nine calories per gram. However, carbohydrates, such as rice, only contain about four calories per gram. 

You can save calories by substituting that fried rice with steamed rice. Some of the best Chinese food restaurants may even offer brown rice, which contains fiber to help a hungry dieter feel satisfied more quickly.

Fried Eggrolls

Eggrolls that are stuffed with savory meat and vegetables can be delicious appetizers for a meal. However, if you are dieting, they can be replaced by steamed dumplings that offer just as much flavor without the fat that comes from frying. 

Creamy Soups

Soups, such as wonton soup, are broth-based. If eaten before the rest of your meal, broth-based soups can help fill you up because of their large water content. In addition, since broth doesn't contain as much fat as cream-based soups, it is lower in calories.

Fried Entrees

Dishes, such as sweet and sour chicken and almond chicken, may have a delicious battered coating covering the meat. However, there are multiple dishes with steamed or sautéed meats, such as chicken and broccoli. The protein and vegetables make the meal satisfying without unnecessary fat.


Choose chicken instead of duck. Duck is a fatty meat and may boost your caloric intake.

If you are trying to lose weight, you don't have to avoid Chinese dishes to meet your goals. Many Chinese restaurants offer delicious, low-calorie foods that are filled with healthy vegetables and steamed meats. Check the menu items of a Chinese restaurant in your area to find low-calorie entrees that allow you to enjoy wonderful flavors without ruining your diet. Some restaurants even display the calories of their entrees on their menus, which makes it easy to choose the right menu. 

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