Not Ordering Ramen With Meat? Look For These Protein-Rich Ingredients

If you enjoy eating meat, you have all sorts of options to consider when you visit a restaurant that specializes in ramen. Meats such as pork, beef, and chicken are all common in different ramen dishes, which can give you the taste and the protein that you want. If you're interested in avoiding meat for a period of time, you don't have to avoid your local ramen restaurant. Instead, you can simply focus on a menu item that is suitable for those who follow vegetarian diets. Depending on which type of ramen you order, you can expect to get an adequate amount of protein — which will help you to feel full after your meal — from these sources.


It's common for a bowl of ramen to contain an egg, which provides a valuable source of protein to your meal. While the preparation of the egg can vary from restaurant to restaurant, as well as depend on exactly what type of ramen you order, it's common for your bowl to feature one egg that is sliced in half. You may have the option of a hard-boiled or a soft-boiled egg, each of which offers its own benefits in a bowl of ramen. Many ramen restaurant menus have a list of add-on ingredients that you can order for any bowl. If you're especially hungry, consider adding a second egg.


Another prevalent ingredient in vegetarian-friendly ramen is tofu. It's a good source of protein, which is why many vegetarians use it as an alternative to meat in a wide range of dishes. It's common for the tofu in ramen to appear in small cubes, although some eateries may present it in larger pieces. If you have never had tofu, it's useful to know that this soy-based product is largely tasteless. You can expect that you will simply taste the ramen broth.


Another soy-based product that can offer a good source of protein for your meat-free serving of ramen is miso. This is a fermented paste that won't appear in obvious pieces like tofu but is instead used to season the ramen. Unlike tofu, miso has a pronounced flavor that will play a major role in each bite that you take. The flavor is fairly salty, so if you enjoy this taste, you'll want to look for miso ramen on the menu. Visit a ramen restaurant to browse its selection of meat-free options.