Unique Pizza Toppings Inspired By Star Wars

Whether you're hosting a movie marathon, playing a board game, or enjoy the fandom of the Star Wars universe, you can incorporate the science-fiction world into your dinner. The next time you order a customized pizza, consider planning your toppings directly based on the Star Wars movies.

Learn about some unique pizza toppings inspired by the movies and characters from the whole franchise.

The Dark Side vs. the Light Side

A huge theme in the Star Wars universe involves the dark side and the light side of the Force. You can represent both themes with a pizza that has toppings split in two. On the dark side of the pizza, you can include toppings like black olives or red peppers. The light side of the pizza may include onion slices, mushrooms, and a coating of extra cheese. When split directly down the middle, you can see both sides and choose your favorite as you enjoy the pizza.

If you do not like vegetable toppings, then you can add some meat to the pizza. For example, you can top a pizza with chicken and cover one half in a dark barbecue sauce to represent the dark side. Leave the white meat chicken on the other side to emulate the light side of the force.

Endor: The Forest Moon

In Return of the Jedi, a good amount of the movie takes place on the forest moon known as Endor. The scenes are filled with rich backgrounds and massive trees where the Ewok characters make their homes. You can represent Endor with a pizza filled with greens.

You can add any green toppings you want to the pizza, but ideally, the only two you need are broccoli and spinach. The fresh vegetables fill up the pizza and represent the lush forests seen in the films. If you enjoy spice on your pizza, consider adding some green jalapeno pepper slices to the mix.

Jabba The Hutt

Big and slimy, Jabba the Hutt often looks like a big pile of cheese and was even represented that way in the Star Wars parody, Spaceballs. Order your own Jabba with a layered pizza filled with all kinds of cheeses. Check out the pizza menu to see which cheeses are available to add to the pizza. You could top the pizza off with extra chunky cheese options like goat cheese, blue cheese, or chunks of feta. The cheeses often combine to create delicious flavors with each bite.

Use one of the themes or come up with your own Star Wars inspired ideas the next time you order pizza from restaurants like Scittino's Italian Market Place.