How To Find A Greek Takeout Place You’ll Love

If you've been getting tired of ordering from the same takeout places over and over again and want to try something slightly left of mainstream (in the U.S.), then Greek takeout may be right up your alley. Here's how to find the best Greek takeout place for your tastes and your wallet.

American Greek Or Greek Greek?

It's important to note that usually, most Greek restaurants in the U.S. that offer takeout services and not dine-in services only will only offer Americanized Greek food, rather than any particularly true-to-country Greek food. However, due to the pandemic, casual dining and higher-end restaurants alike across the country now offer takeout services. As such, you currently have more options than you normally would. This means that you will want to determine whether you want to try the small restaurant serving Americanized Greek food or the higher-end one that's based on Southeastern European cuisine.

Americanized Greek cuisine is the cuisine of those that immigrated to the U.S. from Greece and their descendants ate in the U.S. over time. This influenced their tastes due to the differences in the surrounding culture, available ingredients, and other factors. For example, Greek-American food will typically include more lamb and less seafood then the cuisine of their European counterparts. Additionally, you may find that authentic Greek restaurants offer a more unique taste over the somewhat mass-produced flavor that typical US-Greek takeout tends to offer. If you prefer fish over lamb, then you will want to find an authentic Greek restaurant. If not, then American-Greek food is probably right up your alley.

All About That Money

Another important consideration when ordering any takeout is just what kind of per-person costs you prefer for the food you are going to buy. The place three blocks away may have the best baklava in the world, but if you have to spend your rent check to get it, then it's typically much harder to enjoy. Meanwhile, the absolute cheapest place in your neighborhood typically can't afford better ingredients, better service, or overall better food. It's important to find restaurants with the budget you want and the best reviews within said budget, lest you end up wasting money on bad food. Always make sure that the reviews are trustworthy, rather than paid-for or made by bots.

With a little work, it's not hard to find a Greek takeout restaurant you'll love. You'll want to find one that offers the kind of Greek food you prefer, whether Greek-American or Greek-Greek, then find one with high, trustworthy reviews given your budget.