Enjoy Sausage And Peppers In These Ways At An Italian Restaurant

You might think of spaghetti, lasagna, or ravioli when you think about Italian cuisine, but there are far more dishes that can be appealing to you. Central to this type of cooking is a simple dish known as sausage and peppers. It's a staple in Italian households, but you'll be happy to know that it's also available on the menus of many Italian eateries. Different restaurants prepare this dish in different ways, but it typically includes a combination of hot and sweet pork sausages alongside a selection of diced green and red peppers. If digging into an order of sausage and peppers interests you, here are some ways that you might find it prepared.

On A Bun

A common way that Italian restaurants serve sausage and peppers is on a bun. This can be a suitable dish to order if you're eating lunch, and especially if you want to grab your meal to go. However, the substantial size of this dish can make it equally as enticing as a dinner choice. Many Italian restaurants have a long list of sandwiches that are served on large, crusty buns — including some that are made in house or bought from a nearby Italian bakery each morning. The combination of the sausage and peppers, alongside onions and other ingredients, can make each bite exciting.

On Pasta

You can also expect to find sausage and peppers served on pasta. Conventionally, the choice of pasta is short and thick — for example, you'll often find sausage and peppers with penne pasta rather than spaghettini or linguine. This dish can be appealing as a dinner, given its size, and it also perfect for people who feel as though their visit to an Italian eatery isn't complete without a bowl of pasta. Some freshly grated Parmesan and a few fresh basil leaves to top this dish will add a splash of flavor.

In A Skillet

Another way that you can enjoy sausage and peppers when you dine at an Italian restaurant is to order this dish in a skillet. It's a fun visual effect to see your meal coming to your table in a hot skillet, and this serving method can be ideal because it keeps the food hot down to the last bite. While a sausage and peppers skillet can be a good choice for your dinner entree, another option is to order this dish as an appetizer for the table. Your server will place it in the center of the table and everyone can eat from it.

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