Alternative Ways To Add Cheese To Your Burger

Many home cooks erroneously believe that cooking a burger simply involves adding some seasoning, throwing the burger on the grill and slapping cheese on top. However, there are many better ways to add cheese to your burger that will make it much more delicious.

When Your Cheese Is Melting Too Much

If your cheese is melting too much, an alternative way to add cheese to a burger is to place the cheese on the top part of the bun. Then, when your burger is done cooking, the heat from the burger will melt the cheese on its own. 

When you place cheese on the grill, the cheese will melt too much, and much of it will end up on the side of the burger. There is enough heat on the burger to melt the cheese without melting it too much.

When Your Cheese Won't Melt Enough

When your cheese is not melting enough, the best way to solve this is to use a basting cover. This is an aluminum dome that is often used in diners. It's similar to a saute pan, but the dome fits over the burger so that the top of the cheese does not stick to the top of the dome. If you do not have a basting cover, the next best thing is to use a metal bowl or to cover the burgers with aluminum foil while keeping the aluminum foil from touching the top of the burger. Think of the foil as being like a tent.

Selecting the Right Cheese

The most common type of cheese used on cheeseburgers is American cheese. However, you don't have to limit yourself to just that. Other options include:

  • Pepper Jack
  • Munster
  • Cambozola
  • Swiss
  • Brie
  • Provolone

Each of these will give your hamburger a very different flavor. For example, the pepper jack will give your hamburger a peppery flavor. 

Slicing or Grating Cheese

You don't have to lay a slice of cheese onto the burger. Another option is to grate the cheese over the burger. However, doing so may make it more difficult to keep the cheese on your burger unless you use the method of placing the cheese on the bun first.

If you want the absolute best burgers, you should head to a restaurant that specializes in gourmet burgers. Don't mix the condiments with the cheese, but instead place the condiments on the bottom part of the bun. For more information, contact a company like Liberty Burger.