3 Tips For Creating Thicker, Creamier Milkshakes In Your Restaurant’s Milkshake Machine

If your restaurant recently purchased a milkshake machine, your first attempts at making the ideal shake may have had less than desirable results. If so, use the following tips for creating thicker, creamier milkshakes in your restaurant's machine.

Soften the Ice Cream

If you keep your restaurant's ice cream in a deep freezer, chances are it becomes rock hard while in storage. If you try to make a milkshake while the ice cream is still hard, you may end up with tiny chunks of ice cream in the shake that prevent it from being creamy.

Instead of using the ice cream straight out of the freezer, let it sit and soften for a few minutes. Not only will it give you creamier shakes, but it will also be easier to scoop out and work with.

Go Light with the Milk

Once you have added the ice cream to the machine, it is time to add the milk. However, if you are going by a recipe, you may be using too much milk, which can result in a thin, gooey mess instead of a thick, tasty milkshake.

When you add the milk, only pour in a little bit at a time. Turn on the machine to mix the ice cream and milk together. If the consistency is still too thick, add a little more milk. Then, repeat the process, adding a small amount of milk until you have a smooth shake with your desired thickness.

Avoid Putting Ice in the Shake

Depending on the model of your milkshake machine, you may have to add ice around the shake receptacle. However, make sure you do not add ice to the milkshake itself. While you may think the added cold would thicken the shake, ice will do the exact opposite.

While the ice will temporarily create a thicker, colder shake, it will melt fairly quickly. From the time you make the milkshake to the time it reaches your customer, the resulting water will greatly thin the milkshake. Your customer will then end up with a thin, watery mess instead of a thick, rich milkshake.

Using the above tips can help you make rich, creamy milkshakes for your restaurant patrons. If you have any further questions, contact the restaurant supplier that carries milkshake machines, like DSL Northwest, Inc., to see if they have any further tips on how to operate the machine at its maximum ability.